Matt Adam Williams

Companies exist to create returns. But companies that are in business are the economic equivalent of slugs: at the bottom of the evolutionary ladder of returns. They’re tools to (merely) create financial returns for shareholders: profit. Yawn. That’s the most basic, most prehistoric, and most threadbare, narrow, myopic, uninteresting, uninspiring, and just plain one-dimensional kind of return imaginable. Companies in better- ness blow past that obsolete, outdated, tired, threadbare industrial-age idea: they have the ambition to return more than just […]

2011 travel

I’ve just used a very useful tool called TravellersPoint to capture all the journeys (both abroad and in the UK) I made during 2011. It’s not surprising to see how much these journeys cluster around London (below), although from the above map there are a few trips which took me to Scotland, Wales and the North of England. The few trips which did take me northwards were related to my climate change work. Also, I obviously need to visit the […]

tumblr_lxa2zxSqH81r9bcy8 The 2011 Vancouver Human Rights Lecture: Cute Cats and the Arab Spring By Ethan Zuckerman, Director of the Center for Civic Media at MIT.