Far from home

Last weekend I watched a female hen harrier drift past my front window. It has now been a week and I still haven’t seen another hen harrier from the comfort of the sofa. You might call me spoiled but I’m starting to get impatient with the lack of birding action I can enjoy without getting up out of my chair.

I’m starting to think I might have to go out of the house to see wildlife. But yesterday, I was reassured that I didn’t have to go too far.

As I drove off to the supermarket we spotted a pair of little owls perched in a tree just 20 metres from the house. Postponing our shopping, we stopped to take a look. It felt like the first true day of Spring – it was warm in the Sun and skylarks sung high above the fields.

On a distant telegraph pole, one kestrel perched ontop of another. They briefly mated, with their kree kree calls, then separated. New life was definitely in the air.

If a birdwatcher must leave the house to see amazing birds, at least he doesn’t have to go too far.

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