Monthly Archives: October 2015

The South Downs

The mount squats like a silent goddess Above the fuchsias and the village shop That play like children at being wild. Bushes below are sparrow song loudspeakers, Hedgerows cautiously wend their way between fields full of Not so certain cows and sheep. And the heart of every field is a throne for a male pheasant, Surrounded by a hareem. His an empty, foolish pride in a kingdom of dirt and rocks. Like them, we are strangers in this land Flung […]

Response for Nature and Vision for Nature

The full transcript of my talk at the Response for Nature launch on 13 October 2015. On the main stage, we’ve already heard from Steve about the links between the past and future. And from Josie about why protecting nature is crucial for young people and future generations. I hope that I’m going to dovetail those two threads in the next few minutes. I’ve loved wildlife since I was a lot younger, and at least a little bit shorter than […]

National Coming Out Day, World Mental Health Day

This weekend it has been both World Mental Health Day and National Coming Out Day. Many of you may know that I’ve suffered from depression in the past. I try to be as open and honest as I can about it, without broadcasting it everywhere. I wanted to take this opportunity to put it on the record. I’m mostly fine these days, and have learned a lot about how to cope with triggers or moments when I feel like it […]