Monthly Archives: August 2015

Why nature needs a youth movement

The full transcript of my talk at BirdFair 2015. Unlike some, I don’t think young people aren’t interested in nature any more. I even believe that we’re beginning to see a youth movement for nature, by which I mean young people uniting and calling for change that will secure nature’s future. But I’ll come back to that. I’ve loved wildlife since I was a lot younger, and at least a little bit shorter than I am today. Aged seven, I […]

BirdFair Day One Top Five

1. Watching Ian Wallace give a rip-roaring, emotional, once in a lifetime dramatic interpretation of his best ever day’s birding. 2. Saying thank you to Nick Baker for a video message he sent me from BirdFair 2013 when I was out in Borneo. 3. Catching up with the growing youth constituency at BirdFair and friends I only see once every few months. 4. Too. Many. New. Books. 5. Spending it with Megan Shersby, who is enjoying her first ever BirdFair […]

If you want to write, read

I’m writing a talk for next weekend right now. I did a first draft yesterday and it hit all the talking points I wanted to cover. But it felt a little flat for some reason. Something was missing. So I left it and went and read, something completely unrelated. The book I picked up off my bookshelf was raw, full of emotion in the words, and fired me up. Then I sat down again this morning and reworked my draft, […]

The Moth Trap

As other lights go out, This one is lit; this paradox in a box That resists cold April nights, And basks in balmy June two a.m temperatures A beacon across a concrete valley This distant third cousin of the moon, twice removed Doesn’t recognise the strange orange lamps, leering nearby. As hours pass, poetry drips, then trickles, then flows like waterfalls Into this humble wooden box, To be pieced back together after sunrise. Come morning, and we crouch on bended […]