Monthly Archives: March 2015

Orwell had his own Vision for Nature

George Orwell, better know as author of 1984 and creator of the concept of Big Brother, also wrote many political essays. In his piece, Some Thoughts on the Common Toad, he revels in the delights of Spring’s return. The whole essay (it’s very short) is a lovely read. In it,Orwell tells us that he is often criticised for writing about nature, that his readers see it as a wasteful¬†distraction from the important and pressing work of political change. But Orwell […]

Spring Budget 2015: it’s all about the water

There were two announcements in today’s Budget that are particularly interesting¬†for people who care about the environment. The Government will fund the creation of a tidal lagoon power project in Swansea Bay, which could be followed by potential lagoon projects further down the line. It’s extremely important that the Government takes this slowly and properly analyses the wildlife and ecological impacts of the first project before pressing ahead with the others. Otherwise, we could end up with a situation like […]