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We need to talk about consumption

[Originally posted on the RSPB climate change blog] …Because when it comes to our climate change emissions, it seems that the Government isn’t telling the whole truth. Last month, for the first time in a few years, UK carbon emissions statistics showed an increase (a 4.5% rise in 2012), following a few years of a noticeable downward trend. We’re now, overall, emitting 26% less than in 1990. But overall, that’s great news right? Not quite. Yesterday evening I went along […]

A weekend with the members, and some birds

I’ve spent this weekend at the RSPB’s members’ weekend at York University. I always enjoy these weekends, particularly the opportunity to hear from members about RSPB reserves they visit, what they like about what they do, and in some cases where they think we could improve. We’ve heard a lot this year about the RSPB’s plans to refresh its logo, its work on making sure people are aware of the wide range of ‘all nature’ species we work on, and […]

Letter in the Sunday Times – the natural environment in the national curriculum

Today, myself and my friend Elisabeth Whitebread have written to the Sunday Times on the issue of the Government’s draft national curriculum for science and their proposed changes to teaching about the natural environment. Their article and our letter can be found here (unfortunately behind the ST’s paywall). Our original concern sprang from reading this blog by Jules Howard. Government’s proposals will see the role of the natural environment in the curriculum substantially watered down. At a time when children are already […]

Securing Nature’s Future

Originally posted on The Ecologist website. An extended essay-version of the article can be found here: Are childhood experiences the key to the long-term health of nature and the conservation sector?   A short-eared owl flies along the edge of the Severn estuary. Although in his eighties, my grandfather still walks the Malvern Hills on the Herefordshire/Worcestershire border, often reporting back to me about hearing a cuckoo or glimpsing a green woodpecker. His life-long connection to the outdoors helped to […]

Latest links

I disagree with about 75% of this TED talk by Dan Pallotta on the non-profit model, but would be interested in others’ thoughts. I’ve been reflecting on this Emily Dickinson poem lately as I prepare to move abroad for a year. What are the six habits of empathic people, asks Roman Krznaric. Trent Hawkins on the climate movement’s need to find common cause.

Making friends

Over the last few weeks I’ve felt very privileged to meet some amazing new people. Through the A Focus on Nature project, I’ve met other people in their teens and twenties who are as passionate about nature and wildlife as I am and who have some amazing talents to boot – there’s Nicola (who runs wildlife tours in Scotland, amazing illustrator and artist), Tarran (film maker), Yan (film maker), Evan (interested in community engagement), Lucy (Director of A Focus on […]