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The current state of affairs: a response

This blog is an attempt to respond to and consider some of the issues raised in a blog by my friend Lucy McRobert. In her blog, Lucy describes the emergence of conservation, ecological science and then of the modern environmental movement. She is also right to point out that our concern for the environment has been undermined by mass consumerism that has overtaken contemporary values systems in the past few decades. Interestingly, Lucy also strongly critiques a woman who feels […]

A few more otters

    A few more otter pictures.

Unlearning the environment

My mother is a primary school teacher and so I’ve been brought up appreciating the value of learning, the difficulties teachers face and the joy that comes from making dreams come true by teaching children. One of the most formative parts of my education was my geography lessons, where I learned about the potential impacts of climate change, and grew to realise what a threat this was to the natural environment I love. This has led me to my involvement […]