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The Self Illusion, Bruce Hood

In this book, Bruce Hood explores what he terms ‘the self illusion’. This refers to his main argument that the idea of a fixed, stable, singular self within our heads is an illusion created by our brains, pieced together and with the gaps filled in. He points to evidence from the fields of behavioural therapy, psychology, anthropology, neuroscience and cognition. For example – why do we steal a biscuit from the tin if we feel we’re not being watched, but […]

Magpies, in the neighbourhood

The kind of graffiti I can live with.

Daily inspiration at 11am, now live.

Seth Godin inspires me with his short, insightful daily blog which lands in my email inbox at about 11am most mornings. Here are a few choice quotes from last night’s Seth Godin live event where I saw the blogger, entrepreneur and marketer talk about the the decline of the industrial economy, power of art and why we can all be artists if we choose. He covered the way that we’ve been taught that following instructions is the best route to […]

The power of empathy

Proper funding for National Wildlife Crime Unit

Following on from my blog last week on illegal persecution of birds of prey, here’s a petition to make sure that the National Wildlife Crime Unit (which works on preventing such issues) continues to receive adequate funding from Government.

Welfare myths and realities

Legal hunting and illegal persecution

My grandparents and family often go to the fox hunting meet in Ledbury on Boxing Day. Despite being an avid opponent of fox hunting, I decided to go along one year, if only to be able to say that I had been. While I enjoy horse-riding, I can’t say I really get the urge to inflict suffering on another creature. Now, I do not want to confuse legal hunting for sport (or sometimes illegal if reports about ongoing fox hunting […]

Planting a hedge

I’m sure that a lot of you got out and about to burn off some of the Christmas calories before 2012 ended. My exercise came in the form of an outing with the Colwall Orchard Group to help them plant a hedgerow along one side of their community allotment and orchard. I had a painful reminder of how long it has been sine I did any practical work. We planted a stretch of about 50-100 metres with a series of […]

Friday Beer Annual Review

Click here to read the Friday Beer Annual Review, 2011-12 I’ve been putting together the story of Friday Beer‘s first year in business. I’ve used Scribus and Seashore to create A Year in Beer.

Woodpile, James Lasdun

The tolerant structure of a woodpile. Two or more rows deep, each row end-stopped by criss-crossing pairs of parallel logs stacked up in columns: its one formal touch, and that optional, otherwise a matter of simple accretion; long or high as you want it; the piled chunks whether trapezoid in section, or half-moon, or witch-silhouette; knobbed or bulbous, split like crocodile jaws, or rock-hard uncrackable knots; whether red oak, black cherry or yellow birch, bearing each other’s polyglot oddities with […]