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Seth Kaplan discusses whether we’re currently measuring the right indicators of development. The UK Youth Climate Coalition youth delegation is currently at the UN climate talks in Qatar. Meet them here.  Kerrin Sheldon on freedom and success. What security cameras see… Tony Porter on how to get outside of the man box

Fighting for Birds, Mark Avery

Mark Avery’s latest offering is an entertaining and informative romp through a lifetime spent in the conservation sector. As someone who is just setting out in a career in the RSPB, and who has been a member of that organisation since the age of five, many parts of this book were touching and poignant. Mark delicately examines the issues of policy advocacy, on the ground conservation, species reintroduction and the links between nature conservation and agriculture. He also provides an […]

Is this how we’re going to reconnect children with nature?

Barking up the wrong tree

If we’re going to tackle climate change we need to make genuine emissions savings in harmony with nature. This new report from RSPB, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace shows why biomass can be more polluting than fossil fuels and investment in the use of whole trees for electricity is misguided policy. (Disclaimer: I was involved in helping to prepare this report)

Connecting Youth with Nature

I work for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. We always say that climate change is the greatest long-term threat to the natural world. Well, I would say that nearly (if not as) important is the increasing disconnection between young people and nature. We’re already doing a lot of good work, including the Natural Childhood partnership we’ve joined National Trust in. There’s a brilliant David Attenborough quote which runs along the lines of: people only protect what they […]

The reverence of hides

Nimue Brown on the joy and beauty of putting in time and effort to make a connection with nature. “Of the spaces I frequent, I see more overtly inspired, reverent people in hides than I do in churches, cathedrals or at ancient pagan sites. It’s nature worship, but in a non-religious context. These are people who are inspired by the natural world, who are open to being affected by what they see and willing to give of themselves in terms […]