Monthly Archives: September 2012

Conservation should broaden whom it speaks to, not change the message

Can conservationists and the environmental movement please stop trying to and calling for attempts to communicate with your average ‘X factor viewer’? I’ve seen this plea in a few different places recently. It is wrong for a number of reasons. 1. It assumes that your average X factor viewer exists. 2. It is patronizing – it assumes that liking the X factor and understanding nature conservation in its traditional language of valuing nature are mutually exclusive 3. I understand that this comes […]

Save the British Antarctic Survey

As evidence grows of the effects climate change is having on the Arctic, Government is considering closing down the British Antarctic Survey. Tony Juniper has set up a petition on change.org to call for the BAS to be maintained, and he’s also written a piece in the Guardian. I’ve signed, please can you sign too so we can keep this amazing research programme going?

A 1940s American dawn chorus recreated from field notes

Cabinet reshuffle

There are a lot of stories in the media right now about the impacts of the reshuffle.  Here’s a compendium of some of the articles focussed on the implications for the environmental and NGO sector: An Independent article on the general shift to the right the reshuffle represents. George Monbiot and the BBC on the impact of Owen Paterson’s appointment as Secretary of State at DEFRA Charles Hendry replaced as energy minister, Guardian. A blog from Director of Conservation at the […]