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Europe’s farmland birds have declined by 50% in the last 30 years, due to bad farming policy. We need to reform CAP to incentivise wildlife-friendly farming, before it’s too late. FInd out more in this Guardian article.

Graduation in Oxford with friends and family, May 2012 (for MA Hons English and French, completed in 2009).

Wildlife from the Norfolk coast and Suffolk Brecks.

Protecting the one phea-cent: why buzzard capture and power capture are rife in Defra

Yet another example of the confused priorities of this coalition government: Defra has announced plans to capture wild buzzards and to destroy nests following lobbying from the hunting and game community. This is absolutely insane since birds of prey (all birds of prey, not just buzzards) are estimated to be responsible for the deaths of 1-2% of pheasant chicks released each year. Compared to other causes of death this is negligible. What’s more, Defra’s purpose is to look out for […]

Finding Frames for Development – a summary

Today Martin Kirk, head of campaigns at Oxfam UK, came and gave a talk to my Development Studies course on the ‘Finding Frames for Development’ report. This blog is a rough outline of what he spoke about. This report, funded by DfID (Department for International Development), focuses on the reasons why UK public engagement with the issue of poverty and development has declined since a peak around the Make Poverty History campaign. It builds on the values and frames work behind the […]