Monthly Archives: April 2012

Today I’m really proud that my father and his colleagues have launched their brand new local, real ale brewery. Friday Beer is situated at the heart of the Malvern Hills where I grew up and brings the scientific expertise of my father and his friends, and a passion for the local area to four fantastic varieties of beer. Having been lucky enough to sample them over Christmas I’m excited to see them start to hit the shelves. Real ale stands […]

Van Jones – take complicated things and make them simple; make the choices that give you more choices. (Source: http://www.youtube.com/)

Birds are totally NINJA!!! I’m talking like Crouching Tiger-Matrix style.

In nature, I find solitude, solace and surprise. I’ve taken someone’s advice recently and spent more time outside with my binoculars and camera. Here are the results, including a grass snake I found across the footpath in Snape, Suffolk, and a short eared owl that is being seen regularly at Rutland Water, Leicestershire.