Monthly Archives: March 2012

The nature of Darwin – an ongoing portfolio of the wildlife and nature in and around Darwin college Cambridge.

Discovered a piece of software called Inkscape today. I feel many future hours slipping away from me already…

I can thoroughly recommend going to see this moving film which I watched at its premiere in London last night. It looks at one man’s struggle to save an entire country and culture from going underwater. Most telling of all are his beliefs that a sound democratic framework in the Maldives is essential to tackling climate change and that the developing world and emerging economies needs to stop using action on climate change as a political bargaining chip and just […]

Bloom and burst.

I love birds because no one can ever stop them flying wherever they want, whenever they want. This is the reason I’ve loved them since I can remember. I guess what I’m saying is that, the reason I love birds so much is that they’re the ultimate anarchists. No amount of government regulation or coercion can change when or where an individual bird flies. Photo by flickr.com/mattadamwilliams

History in the making

Most days at the moment I have a strong sense of history being written around me. People are, as I perceive it, increasingly reading, writing and narrating the issues of today in the framework of changes that came about in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The idea of a great cultural divide that occurred in this short period is increasingly important in the stories we tell and are told about why things are the way that they are. The […]