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Sustainable Capitalism, or, ‘From seal-fucking super-organisms to geo-engineering’

I’ve just been to the best talk I’ve ever heard on climate change. Jonathon Porritt, of the Forum for the Future (and many other prolific achievements) was speaking at Cambridge University Department of Engineering on the subject of Sustainable Capitalism. His entire talk can be summed up in the central paradox that he identified: That the capitalist system we currently have results in horrendous inequality as power becomes concentrated in the hands of an inaccessible, estranged elite; but that we […]

I first got involved with the UK Youth Climate Coalition three and a half years ago, when Emma Biermann and Casper ter Kuile were setting it up. During those three and a half years I took twelve months out to focus on my job at the time and some personal family issues, and returned to the organisation in March 2011. Since helping to set it up, I’ve been involved in our Power Shift projects, our communications and press work, our […]

“The further back you look, the further forward you can see”

This quote, by Winston Churchill, formed the crux of a talk that I attended on Thursday evening by Robert Zoellick, the President of the World Bank. He was giving the biennial Roskill Lecture at Churchill College, Cambridge.  Zoellick’s theme was the lessons to be learned from military history. Roskill himself was a fellow at Churchill and a naval Captain. The talk focussed on the ways in which the multilateral institutions of today, in particular the Bank, should be ready to […]

The truth about Comic Sans MS.

The return of the bittern

The return of the bittern

The size of the universe

Some stuff I found recently

(In the style of ‘Link Loving’ by Casper ter Kuile) Randie Olson explains why the climate movement needs more body (guts, hips, energy) to go along with the head. The fantastic DuArte Design hosts a talk on how to turn language into pictures through visual grammar. What makes our work meaningful, by Umair Haque for Harvard Business Review. Why the climate change movement (in the US at least) needs to hold on to the sense of urgency. A blog by […]